2020/21 Newcastle Permanent Junior Lifesaver of the Year (JLOTY)

The 2020/21 Junior Lifesaver of the Year (JLOTY) nominations close at branch by 5:00pm, Thursday 10th December 2020. Interviews will be taking place at the Cabarita Beach JAC Carnival on Sunday 13th December 2020.

For further information on the 2020/21 Junior Lifesaver of the Year Program and Award please visit Circular 3654: 2020/21 Junior Lifesaver of the Year (JLOTY)

Good luck to all candidates.

2020/21 December UAV Update

To read the latest update on the UAV Training within the FNC Branch. Please see the December Report written by David Field, FNC Branch Director of Member Services.

2019/20 Far North Coast Branch Junior Championships Magazine

Please visit the link below to see the electronic version of the 2019/20 Junior Branch Championships Magazine. If your club are after a hard copy of this magazine, get in touch with your Branch Administration Officer.

SLS Far North Coast 2020 Branch Championships Magazine

Young Leaders Forum Scholarship

This SLSA Scholarship is an opportunity for employees of charitable and NFP organisations being offered by McKinsey & Company and the Australian Scholarship Foundation. This is an amazing opportunity for up and coming leaders, of which there are many in our movement, who may be in employment in such an industry currently.

For more information please see the memo – Young Leaders Forum Scholarship

Applications Close 8 December 2020

Junior Search and Rescue Activity

The Junior Search and Rescue courses are growing in popularity across the NSW State. Sydney Branch have delivered a “Junior SMAR” over the past few seasons. Hunter Branch offered a Junior SMAR last season and kindly provided their course notes. The activity was trialled at Cudgen in early October 2020 with the help of the Director of Member Services, David Field.

The aims for delivering this activity within the FNC Branch are:

  1. Provide a fun activity for senior JAC to gain relevant search and rescue knowledge and skills
  2. Encounter aspects of SLSA BM syllabus and aspects of Royal Life Saving syllabus
  3. Meet with other senior JACs in an environment different to competition
  4. Provide pathways to higher awards in SLSA
  5. Encourage senior JACs to become leaders within their club

For further information, take a look at the article put together by David Field, Director of Member Services – Junior Search and Rescue Activity.


Congratulations to the all award winners at this year’s Awards of Excellence announced through virtual video on Saturday 20th June 2020. All award winners will go on to represent the Far North Coast Branch at the Surf Life Saving New South Wales 2020 Awards of Excellence.

To watch the video, please visit the SLS FNC Branch Facebook page LINK

Full list of award winners:

2019/2020 Young Surf Life Saver of the Year
Bede Curnow – Cudgen Headland

2019/2020 Lifesaver of the Year
Paul Ransom – Fingal Rovers

2019/2020 Patrol Captain of the Year
Beau Monks – Byron Bay

2019/2020 Patrol Team of the Year
Patrol 4 – Fingal Rovers

2019/2020 Training Officer of the Year
Matthew Bell – Cudgen Headland

2019/2020 Assessor of the Year
Kris Beavis – Ballina Lighthouse + Lismore

2019/2020 Facilitator of the Year
Michael Pontefract – Evans Head + Casino

2019/2020 Services Team of the Year
Cudgen Headland Event Organising Team

2019/2020 Administrator of the Year
David Rope – Cudgen Headland

2019/2020 Official of the Year
Debbie Pawsey – Evans Head + Casino

2019/2020 Coach of the Year
Samantha Miller – Lennox Head + Alstonville

2019/2020 Masters Athlete of the Year
Joe Dougherty – Yamba

2019/2020 Surf Sports Athlete of the Year
Bailey Copeland – Cudgen Headland

2019/2020 Young Surf Sports Athlete of the Year
Lily O’Sullivan – Cudgen Headland

2019/2020 Surf Sports Team of the Year
Cudgen Headland Pool Rescue Team

2019/2020 Young Volunteer of the Year
Sven Loemker – Cudgen Headland

2019/2020 Volunteer of the Year
David Field – Cudgen Headland

2019/2020 Jacob Lollback Encouragement Trophy
Luke Chaffer – Cudgen Headland

2019/2020 President’s Trophy
Lily O’Sullivan – Cudgen Headland

2019/2020 Competition Point Score Trophy
Cudgen Headland SLSC

2019/2020 Newcastle Permanent Junior Club of the Year

2019/2020 Newcastle Permanent Education Club of the Year
Cudgen Headland SLSC

2019/2020 Newcastle Permanent Administration Club of the Year
Cudgen Headland SLSC

2019/2020 Newcastle Permanent Surf Sports Club of the Year
Cudgen Headland SLSC

2019/2020 Newcastle Permanent Lifesaving Club of the Year
Byron Bay SLSC

2019/2020 Newcastle Permanent Overall Club of the Year
Cudgen Headland SLSC

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