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About Us


Surf Life Saving Far North Coast was founded in 1934 and is proud of its history of community service to the bathing and boating public of the Far North Coast Region.  


The Surf Life Saving Far North Coast Branch (SLSFNC) covers over 284kms of coastline in Northern NSW from Tweed Heads in the north to Yamba in the south. The following is an overview of the services and equipment available to the community in the Surf Life Saving Far North Coast Branch.

The FNC Branch is made up of:

10 Surf Life Saving Clubs
2 Training and Education Facilities
Jet Rescue Boat Service
10 Duty Officers
6 RWC’s (Jet Rescue Skis)
14 ATVs (All terrain vehicles)
4WD Rescue Emergency Vehicles
9 UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
24/7 Support Operations
Assist & Support 40 lifeguards
Assist & Support 2 lifeguard pools
Train Volunteers for Awards
3 Development Camp each year
Overseas Lifesaving Programs
Lifesaving Exchange Programs
Youth Makers Program



  • 10 – Surf Life Saving Clubs
  • 1 – Jet Rescue Boat Service
  • 2 – Australian Swimming Pool Lifeguards (ALS)
  • 18 – Beaches are Patrolled by ALS Lifeguards
  • 40 – ALS Lifeguards patrol the 31 Beaches
  • 10 – Duty Officers
  • 6 – RWC’s (Jet Rescue Skies)
  • 3 – RWC’s (Jet Rescue Skies ALS)
  • 14 – ATV (all terrane rescue vehicles
  • 4 – 4WD Emergence Response Rescue Vehicles
  • Average of 100 – 150 Rescues performed yearly
  • Average of 10,000 Preventative Rescue Actions performed yearly
  • Average of 50 – 100 After hours search and rescue call-outs performed yearly
  • Average of 50 – 100 Searches performed yearly
  • Average of 500 – 800 First Aid Cases performed yearly
  • Average of 7000 – 8000 Volunteers trained and assessed yearly (various awards)
  • Average of 500,000 – 1,000,000 Beach visitations by the public each season
  • Responded to call-outs activated by Police, DPI, Marine Rescue and other Emergency Service Agencies
  • Provide Safety and training programs to the public and schools
  • Participated in training days with the Northern Region Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, Police and other local Emergency Service Agencies

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